4. Jackson Hill Stage Stop

Jackson Hill Stage Stop

Mile marker 28.6, Highway 96

 From the 1870s until the advent of the automobile, horse-drawn stagecoaches carried passengers over a bumpy dirt road from Pueblo to mines in Silver Cliff, Rosita and Querida. in 1873, the stages got fresh horses at the Jackson Hill Stage Stop. The weather-beaten buildings are still standing on private land.

Today, motorists drive to Silver Cliff in an hour in the comfort of climate control. This same trip took early travelers a day or more.

All of these travelers enjoyed an excellent Pikes Peak to the north. While the pathway vehicles have changed, the south slope of Peak has remained relatively unchanged.

Directions: From Highway 96, watch for a pipe going over the highway. When the road was routed to its present location, it crossed Vaughn Ditch. The pipe was built to carry the irrigation water over the highway. Turn east on County Road 399 near the pipe to see the ruins of old stage stop on your right side.