Frontier Pathways Facts

Frontier Pathways is working with national motor coach companies to bring them to the byway. They have recently managed and operated a motor coach bus tour for the Bent’s Fort Symposium in September 2015.

Frontier Pathways has partnered with the Gold Belt Byway to participate in the Scenic Byways Economic Planning Strategies Plan.

Frontier Pathways has organized bus tours about ranching and high country fire-fighting for children from the Pueblo YMCA in 2011. Also in 2012 they have organized tours about historic school houses and the Beckwith Ranch for high school students in 2012 in Custer County.

Frontier Pathways was awarded a Scenic Conservation Workshop 2008 sponsored by the National Scenic Conservation and Byway Center.

Frontier Pathways has operated the Bike with Pike Century Ride in 2009 and 2010 which has brought hundreds of bicyclists and their families to Custer County and San Isabel National Forest.

Frontier Pathways is a Stakeholder of the campaign to help the City restore the 1870’s Goodnight Barn.

Frontier Pathways is an active member of Destination Pueblo, which promotes Pueblo as a travel destination. FP is a member of the Custer County Chamber of Commerce, the Pueblo Greater Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Rockies Crossroads of Cultures. FP is a partner with the Visitor Information Center at El Pueblo Museum.

Frontier Pathways has worked at preserving the Squirrel Creek Campground and Arthur Carhart’s legacy. The National Register of Historic Places was granted on March 28, 2005. (Carhart developed and designed the first campground for the U.S. Forest Service which has served as a model for campgrounds across the country.)

Frontier Pathways funded the Spanish Street Sign Historic District and the design and publication of the Pueblo Historic Loop Tour brochure along with several other publication related to the Byway.

Frontier Pathways is proud of the $320,000 of federal funds contributed to the construction of the El Pueblo History Museum. We are proud to have funded the Arthur Carhart Plaza, the lobby mural in the galleria, restrooms and the Byway Information Center. Also FP has contributed $90,000 to the All Aboard Westcliffe Museum and $40,000 to the improvements of the historic Beckwith Ranch.

Frontier Pathways is a wish-bone shaped route consisting of 103 miles on State Highway 96 and 165 from Pueblo to Westcliffe and back track through San Isabel to Colorado City. It runs through the counties of Custer and Pueblo.

Byways are designed to encourage people to get off the Interstate and past the strip malls to experience communities that offer a unique slice of America's character. It also opens up federal funds from the Federal Highway Administration to the communities along the Byway.

Frontier Pathways is 1 of 26 Scenic and Historic Byways in Colorado. It is 1 of 11 federally-designated scenic byways in the state of Colorado and is 1 of 96 federally-designated scenic byways (also known as America's Byways) in the country.

Board of Directors

William J. (Bill) Zwick

Board President

City of Pueblo Planning 


Robert (Bob) Fulton

Vice President

Restorations Again, Inc


Laurel Campbell


U.S. Forest Service San Isabel


Dorothy L Urban


Silver Cliff Museum Curator


Deborah Espinosa

Past President
Chairperson Bus Tour Committee


Ralph McPhearson


Volunteer Coordinator


Ralph McPherson

Bus Tour Committee



Lynn Attebery

Custer County Commissioner



Analee Beck




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